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Activating Well-Being

We all possess an innate desire to be well. The environment or the conditions in which we work and learn can support or challenge our well-being. We can learn and practice tools that enhance well-being. A state of well-being is essential for optimal learning and development and empowering the expression of our strengths, gifts and brilliance.  

For Schools and Youth Programs

As an educator, your own state of/level of wellness affects both your classroom or program environment and your students’ wellness directly. Your position involves orchestrating a positive state of being individually and collectively for 20-30 or more diverse students and ensuring each has most of what they need to learn skills and allow for the development of their unique gifts and genius. This is no small feat and requires continual conscious effort, self reflection and the application of a wide array of strategies that shift according to student need. 

Throughout our sessions we will explore research-based practices and strategies that promote individual and collective well-being for our students and ourselves, as well as expand our agency and advocacy on behalf of our students and their experience at school.

There are a variety of simple elements that can be built into your classroom routines that promote individual and collective wellness, including yours. Implementation of these practices typically results in more cohesive and satisfying relationships; joy; curiosity and exploration; and deeper learning.  Educators who implement these practices typically report greater professional satisfaction and the energy to stay in the field.

This course incorporates research and experiential-based practices from:

  • Cognitive neuroscience 
  • Social-emotional learning 
  • Positive behavior strategies 
  • Trauma-informed practice
  • MTSS 

It is grounded in relationship-based education and sets intention for the best possible outcomes for all students. Nothing is presented that has not been implemented by Dr. Short in the classroom or program.

Activating Well-being Series–Online 

Rather than a day of in-person, take that day of professional development one chunk at a time, in your own classroom, office or home. Join a group of like minded educators and have the space to integrate what you learn into your practice with reflection and support. 

Each week we will engage in research-based practices that support well-being and learn additional strategies to activate well-being for your students and yourself. Weekly session will last 50 min and we will meet for 6 weeks. Take the leap into centering well-being!

Winter 2023  Activating Well-Being series

6 week online series begins Wednesday, January 11 3:30 – 4:20pm in your time zone

Limited to 20 participants per session

Register here: 

Activating Well-being in the Classroom

For Administrators

6 week online series begins Wednesday, January 11 at 11:00am PST.

Limited to 20 participants per session

Register here: 

Activating Well-being for Administrators

$180 for the series, $150 if registered by 12/30/22

20% discount for 3 or more educators from the same school site.

District invoicing available.

About Dr. Short:
As an educator, Dr. Barbara Short taught students in grades preK-8, served as a school counselor in grades preK-12, as well as principal, special ed director and superintendent in under-resourced communities with high levels of multi-generational trauma. Most recently, Dr. Short was a lead author of the CA Dept of Education’s Transformational SEL Conditions for Thriving. Dr. Short experienced much joy in her work with students, families and fellow educators, and continues to treasure those relationships.


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