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Heart in Mind helps educators focus on the power of relationships: students, families, culture, community, self, colleagues, school site and district or organization. We tap the points of power that promote student success—not just academically, but as people who will live with awareness, intention and agency in the world.

We validate the challenges educators confront daily and seek to inspire and empower them with an increased understanding of their students. With Heart in Mind we comprehensively explore the interaction between environment, human development and social emotional learning to maximize student success in all aspects of growth. We guide educators to create programs that fit students rather than struggle to fit students to a program. With Heart in Mind, educators create schools and programs that are affirming, build authentic connections and foster a sense of belonging for students and staff.

We facilitate change in practice to improve student outcomes. Change is most often an adjustment, reframe and refocus, rather than a massive overhaul. Many steps can be taken immediately within the power and scope of committed educators.

Are you ready to become energized by your work with students? Are you ready to nurture their  inherent brilliance and watch your students shine?


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