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Heart In Mind offers holistic professional development, consulting and facilitation for organizations serving children and youth that empowers and energizes educators as they address diverse student needs to deliver positive outcomes for all students.

We synthesize the latest research in neuroscience with classical training in human development and application in the field to promote conditions where all students can thrive and educators can increase their experience of agency and professional satisfaction.


Woven through Heart in Mind workshops are principles of relationship-based education, including human development, empathy and compassion, a growth mindset, desire for equity and social justice, a focus on the transformational power of education, authentic engagement and reflective practice.


What is your organization’s status in the pursuit of achieving positive outcomes for All Students? Where are you now, and where do you want to be? Is your system functioning fluidly … Are your stakeholders positively engaged and supportive … What elements do you need?


Is your organization innovating, problem solving, planning or strategizing? Are you developing an initiative and seeking agreement on implementation features? Do you need to bring diverse people together for sustained engagement and productive results?


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